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Night Train

to Varanasi

Sean Doyle

About the book


What the publisher says:
‘Writer and editor Sean Doyle has loved India for decades, so when his first-born, Anna,
finishes high school, they set off on a two-month trip. She wants an adventure, he wants
a holiday. But India’s not a theme park with a traffic problem, it’s a huge, pulsating,
unpredictable land that knows every cruelty and every tenderness. Entertaining an Aussie
teenager is not a local priority.

‘An engaging masala of erudition, humour and paternal angst, this is a beautifully nuanced
exploration of a father–daughter relationship set against the backdrop of one of the
world’s most intense cultural experiences.'

Night Train to Varanasi showcases Sean’s ability to reflect on his lived experience,
shape it into a compelling narrative, and write in such a way that the particulars of his life
become universals we can all relate to. He speaks for all of us when he describes the
emotional rollercoaster rides that comprise parenting, ageing, the challenges of India and
life in general, and his hopes for his child. A compelling and insightful reading



After completing a History and Literature (Hons) degree at Sydney University, Sean
Doyle took to the Asian, especially Indian, road. His travels over the years have
produced two Indian memoirs: Beyond Snake Mountain: A journey in Rajasthan and Night
Train to Varanasi: India with my daughter
. Formerly an English-language teacher and a travel journalist, Sean is now a writer and book editor. He lives in Northern NSW, where he
loves to bodysurf and amuse his granddaughter.

About the author
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